Lola Marella Ritter

Graphic Design
MFA Graphic Communication Design
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
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Driven by Desire
Illustration Tear-Off Calendar for 2023, all bout desires
A new theme each month, each one a facet of desire. Click here for more details
Have a Good Time
Time-themed Illustration Tear-Off Calendar for 2022
Each month deals with a different aspect of time. Click here for more details
A Very Good Boi Year
Illustration Tear-Off Calendar for 2021
Click here for more details and if you want to buy one!
Wow—But How?
An Anthology of the Intersection of Graphic Design and Magic,
Final Thesis Project, 2020
click here for more details
Love Is The Answer
Illustration Calendar for 2020
7 Spells That Will Change Your Life
Reader about magic spells
Layout and illustrations written in code, 2020
I Had a Dream
Illustration Calendar for 2019
DrawBot Smiley Book
Printed booklet entirely scripted in DrawBot with Python3, 2019
Panama Regular
Inverted Contrast Font, 2018
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